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😵‍💫 Digital Adherence Paradox: The Dark Logic 😵‍💫

Updated: Jun 10

👇👇 How to begin guide👇👇

Almost every day at work, this paradox (how to bring adherence to Digital tools for medication adherence) is the most common question we are continuously being asked and helping to address. As Everett Koop and David Schwartz mentioned, "Just like drugs, digital does not work if people don't use it," — and we need to figure this out way before we think!

GlowCap, an electronic pill bottle designed to improve medication adherence, is a fantastic example of learning. For a deeper dive, I recommend reading Kevin Volpp and colleagues' HeartStrongStudy.

👁 Intrusiveness and Complexity: Finding multiple ways to remind patients to take their medication can be intrusive, creating resistance and making them numb toward responding to notifications.

💸 Financial Incentives: Financial incentives are not always a good fit for motivation. For sustained motivation, these incentives should not be overshadowed by the complexity and intrusiveness of the overall intervention.

❓Understanding 'Why': Without understanding the root causes of lack of adherence, we cannot address long-term behavior change. No amount of reminders or financial incentives will fix this fundamental issue.

❌ Digital Resistance: Just as our bodies can grow resistant to certain drugs over time, patients can also develop resistance to digital interventions. We must be ready for the stage when the initial novelty and engagement wear off.

We all are learning "what not to do," and as Thyago Ohana writes, "digital transformation is about uncertainty, ambiguity, and constant prove me your value. Therefore, we do need to build collective strength and innovate together so we can bring unique perspectives and learnings to the table to create impactful solutions.

👇👇here in the document, I outline how to begin and the mindset to adapt based on continuous learning and things that worked. I'm also curious to learn about your experiences and insights as well! 😊


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