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A Digital Health Expert,

Neurophysiologist & Consultant.

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My love for science and its potential to drive innovation has led me to explore the intersection of digital technology and healthcare. I am an award-winning digital health expert with more than 10 years of experience in the Healthcare sector. I believe there is a better, more valuable, and easily accessible way to deliver healthcare services. I am obsessively passionate about this mission and want to help people achieve it.

The Healthcare system is one of the least understood and least transparent sectors. I see this as an opportunity to develop user-friendly and safe digital healthcare systems. My work supports stakeholders in achieving their goals by creating practical strategies and driving growth and innovation.

I also serve as a consultant and board member for global organizations. I aim to transform the digital healthcare sector in the EU, USA, and Asia regions. As a medical device expert, I focus on guiding the development of technologies that meet public health needs. I consider care pathways, system impact, ease of use, and ultimate clinical usage requirements and satisfaction with real-world evidence.

Krutika Gohil

Advisor -- eMental Health Platform

Technical University of Dresden

Digital Health Subject Matter Expert

Life-science, Healthtech & Medtech Organizations

Director Digital Medicine & DTx Outcomes -Europe

ZS Associates

Chief Medical Officer

Docyet GmbH



Advisory Board Member


Recent Professional Roles

Industry Recognition

"Nominated Digital Female Leader"

Global Digital Women

"Impactful Digital Health Solution Award"

IQVIA & Microsoft

"Innovation Award"

WIG 2 Institute

"Accessible Health Solution

Post-Covid Hack

Research Publications

and here is something slightly more personal
Krutika Brain


Do you want to see the sparkles in my eyes? Then ask me about the brain! Studying the brain was one of the most powerful feelings, yet at the same time, it was a constant challenge of unpredictability. I thrive on the challenge that one can never completely learn and is constantly changing. It has shaped me into who I am today: innovative, creative, collaborative, experimental, curious, and able to network.

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