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Digital Biomarker 101

Updated: 5 days ago

⁉ People often ask me what I do, and from one of the many things that I do, when I begin my tale of Digital Biomarkers using Medical Devices, I often get asked:

People: "What are they?" 🤔 

Me: "Uhoo, ahmmm 😐, they mostly measure your body's functions using digital technology." 

People look at their smartwatches and ask, "Sooo, is this heart rate a digital biomarker?" 😲 

Me: "Well, yes!" 🙂 

Now that this question has come up so often, it is time to add more depth to our small talk. 👇 👇👇Here, I present Digital Biomarker 101. 👇 👇👇

They're not just about your heart rate but also about how your walk, talk, think, see, and feel are captured digitally. This matters because Digital Biomarkers are changing how our medicines are developed and making the promise of personalized healthcare a reality.

I hope this is helpful, and, of course, super curious to learn your thoughts!


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