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A Digital Health Expert,

Neurophysiologist & Consultant.

Hi, I am Krutika.

Germany based. Globally raised.

Fluent in digital health.

This is me

Passionate about Research 
Driving Impact with Real-World Innovation
Stakeholder Engagement Strategy Expert 
Integrated Evidence Generation 
Master of Behavior and Trends
Medical Device Regulatory Compliance 
Learn, Unlearn & Relearn 
User-Centered Research & Development

Krutika Gohil
Krutika Gohil
Medical device product development

I provide guidance & expertise to research institutes, healthtech, medtech, and pharmas for developing digital health initiatives as a Life Science Specialist.

Solution Expertise

Years of experience have taught me that

"people do not buy medicines;

they buy getting better, feeling better."

So, let's build solutions to help people live better lives

digital medicine


Despite the significant value of digital health, only a few products have effectively monetized that potential.

Innovative strategies are needed to unlock the power of these opportunities, and I can help deliver successful growth in this area.


Digital health has changed how we develop and deliver life-changing therapies; therefore, we should be able to augment today's solutions for tomorrow's needs. I can support you in planning this long-term vision so you can reimagine the outcomes holistically.

digital health network

Research Publications

At its core, measurement offers clarity.

If you can't measure something, you can't understand it. If you can't understand it, you can't control it. If you can't control it, you can't improve it.

No matter whether pharmaceuticals, biotech, medical technology, or life sciences, there is always a time when additional brainpower will be decisive for the success of your product. It is important that we can react flexibly to challenges.

It’s all about a dialogue

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