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Passionate about Research & delivering Innovation that leads to impact.

With more than 10 years of experience in the Healthcare sector, I believe there is a better way to deliver healthcare services. A more valuable and easily accessible way where patients are the navigators of their own health. I am obsessively passionate about this mission and want to help people achieve it. The Healthcare system is one of the least understood and least transparent sectors and I see this as an opportunity to simplify and make it accessible for everyone through my expertise.

Communications Strategy  Expert 
Digital Health Literacy 

 Master   of Trends and Behavior

Medical Device Regulation (MDR)  


Creative healthcare Initiatives

Global Digital Women 

"Nominated Digital Female Leader"


I provide leadership & direction for digital medical device initiatives & development, & consultation as a life science expert.

I am an award-winning digital health innovator. I offer in-depth scientific, regulatory, and clinical knowledge to develop accessible and engaging tools for digital healthcare. I focus on driving corporate growth and innovation by translating goals into actionable strategies to support all involved stakeholders. 

I provide consultation on scientific platforms for professional or technical problems. I also share my experience of transition from academia to industry on scientific platforms to mentor and coach fellow scientists in terms of translation of skills, scope, motivation, etc.



No matter whether pharmaceuticals, biotech, medical technology, or life sciences, there is always a time when additional brainpower will be decisive for the success of your product. It is important that we can react flexibly to challenges.
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