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A Digital Health Expert,

Neurophysiologist & Consultant.

Let's Connect the Dots to Make Lives Better

What I do

Proactive Design Thinking Process

As we explore the transition from traditional design thinking to proactive design in digital health, we must recognize the shift toward human-centered approaches.

Krutika Background
Krutika Stakeholder needs model
Krutika Background
Krutika UX research

UX Research

Delivering the best UX research should be simple: ask the right questions, put the right people in front of the product, and listen to what they have to say. BUT, in healthcare, things are rarely so straightforward.

Integrated Evidence

It is a continuous approach to generating and collecting data throughout the lifecycle of a medical product or intervention for a more holistic, accurate, and comprehensive foundation for decision-making.

Krutika Background
Krutika Integrated Evidence
Krutika Background
Krutika Regulatory Roadmap

Regulatory Roadmap

The roadmap provides a simplified and visual representation of the path for approval, helps manufacturers roughly estimate the effort required to meet the requirements, and shows the responsibilities for the individual process steps.

Integration with
the Eco-system

The implementation of digital solutions is often considered time-critical but requires careful planning for the core integration and this underlines the point that co-creation with the eco-system is a "must" for impactful innovation.

Krutika Background
Krutika Clinical integration
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