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Half-Time Report: E-Rezept Germany

Updated: May 10

Let's quickly look at the E-Rezept status quo (aka e-prescriptions or eRx) in Germany for the first half...    

  • Now, looking at the upside ☀ , we have already crossed the threshold of over 50% and, not very surprisingly, uncovered that eGK was the most popular method of redemption.

  • 🧐This also very much explains why Bundesministerium für Gesundheit pushed for CardLink, even though it's a temporary measure and has faced criticism 💪🏻. While digital health IDs are accessible, we've learned that access alone doesn't guarantee immediate adoption. Many are still adapting to these new systems, which is why CardLink makes sense right now—it ensures continuity and inclusion during this transition phase. I think that the CardLink infrastructure could potentially be adapted for other use cases as well (already have some in mind 😊).

  • 🏆The most important of all is Techniker Krankenkasse filing approval for the E-Rezept module to be included in the ePA offered by them. I really didn't think this would happen this soon (you can't blame me—experience), but now this is going to be interesting, bringing a lot of learning for all of us and giving us a sneak peek into how ePA can be envisioned as the centralized health platform. 

Well, I am optimistic, but that's not new--> happy to share my learnings and, more importantly, curious to learn your thoughts :)

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